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Password Protection for No-Authentication Tasks

Test Invite lets organizations choose “No Authentication” for their tasks, which lets anyone with the task link to access the task. This feature was causing issues to some organizations since they could not foresee who would get access to the task. Unexpected users could have taken these tests and as a result, the credits of the organization would be drained faster than originally planned.

What’s new?

With the v8.3.92 update, password protection feature has been implemented for tasks using No Authentication option. Now, organizations can share their task link publicly without any worries, knowing only users with the password can access their tests. This will help prevent the unexpected users from using up the organization credits, while still not requiring an upfront work with preparing a list of candidates and creating tickets for each of them.


                                   password protection for no authentication tests

Administrators can add multiple passwords to a task, and each candidate will only need to know one of these passwords in order to have access.


                                                       password protected task login

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