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New Input Question Type: Tabular Question

What’s new?

With the v8.3.38 update of Test Invite Exam Software, a new type of input question has been added to the system, which is called Tabular Question. This new question type will allow test administrators to present a table view to the test takers.

Main Features of Tabular Questions


                                               Editing a tabular question

While editing a tabular question;

  1. A clean table of desired size can be created with a few clicks.
    1. Rows and columns can be inserted into or removed from any place in the table.
      1. The indexes of the table can be shown or hidden. The rows are indexed by numbers, and the columns are indexed by letters.
        1. Short headings can be added to each index.
          1. One of three types can be chosen for each cell: Fixed, Text Field, Text Area. With fixed cells, test creators can add information into the cell for test takers, and change the background color. Text Field and Text Area area are for giving test takers an answer box for the cell in order for them to type in an answer.
            1. With Text Area and Text Field cells, there are several setting that can be changed: label, placeholder, hint, prefix, suffix, character counter and width. Text Area has an extra setting where number of rows can be selected to change the height of the answer box.

                                                         Preview of a tabular question

              After a test, the question will be displayed with the same visual style in the Answers tab of each test takers’ test result, where administrators can manually grade the question.

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