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Easily create a test by selecting questions

If you would like to create a test by simply selecting a set of questions, Static page builder is the perfect tool to make it very easy.

Static page builder is to automate the creation of pages by selecting questions and later configuring the number of pages to create. The tool will automatically create the pages for you, distribute the questions into the pages and finally include the pages into the section of the test that you operate.

To start using it, click on the "plus" icon under the section that you would like to operate. Then select "Static page builder"


The configuration menu will open. In this window you are expected to select your questions and configure the number of pages to create.


Sorting questions

You can sort the questions inside the Question pool. If you enable "Keep question order" option, the questions will be put into the pages in the given order.

Time limit of the pages

Each page that the tool will create can automatically be set by a time limit. The time limit is automatically calculated by the system. You should simply set the number of seconds per question. Then, while creating the page, the system will set a time limit for each page by considering how many questions the page includes.

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