New Access Form for Candidates

What’s new?

With the v8.3.92 update, Test Invite has implemented a new access form that organizations can use to have candidates fill out their own information before starting their tests.

The information collected with this form will be used to update the ticket information, and can be used to sort and filter the results later in the process.

In the access form, administrators can choose to include any of the following 6 fields, and have the candidate fill it out:

  • Display name
    • Email address
      • Group
        • Tag
          • Labels
            • Program

              Display name and email address will need to be typed in by the candidate. For the other 4, the candidates will be able to pick from the choices prepared by the administrator beforehand.


                                                 Candidate access form prior logging into the exam

              The access form can be enabled and set up in the Access tab of a task.


                                                   Access form editing screen in admin account