Marking a Page for Review

With the v8.3.02 of Test Invite Exam Software, the ability to mark pages is introduced. This feature will help candidates navigate back to questions they are unsure of or left for later.

What is new?

Candidates will now see a checkbox at the bottom of test pages titled “Mark for review”. When checked, this page will have a yellow marker in the navigation menu, signaling to candidate to return to the page at some point. There can be multiple marked pages, and each will be marked the same way in the navigation menu.


                     A page marked for review by the candidate in test navigation menu

When can it NOT be used?

  • If the test preparer have chosen to “Hide navigation menu” option in test settings, the test index will not show sections or pages, and no page in the entire test can be marked for review.
    • If a section “does not allow going backward & forward” between its pages, the pages in that section cannot be marked for review.
      • If there is a time limit for page, that page cannot be marked for review.
        • If a section has a time limit, the pages in it can be marked (assuming the previous are not present), but the pages of that section will be inaccessible and the marks will be removed once the time for that section is finished.