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Manual Evaluation with Percentages and Nominal Points

Test Invite Exam Software incorporates input question which are open-ended, and often require post-exam evaluation to determine the score for each candidate. During this manual evaluation, the administrators could only give score based on percentages, which could be confusing when not all the questions in an exam was assigned the same amount of nominal points.

What’s new?

With v8.3.31 update, Test Invite introduces the nominal points system in manual evaluations for input questions. Test administrators can now award points to candidates in nominal points rather than in percentages. Now, in the test results of a candidate, test administrators will see a button with two arrows which will convert the percentage notation to nominal notation, and vice versa, so that they can use the more convenient method for easier grading and less likelihood for errors. Keep in mind that this evaluation box will not appear next to a question if the candidate has left the question blank.


                               Manual evaluation using percentages


                              Manual evaluation using nominal points

Additionally, in the test settings, administrators can choose the default format that evaluations will first be displayed in for the entire test. This format can be switched for each question of each candidate result during their evaluation.


                                                                 Test settings panel

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