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Calculator Panel Added to Test Screens

What’s new?

With the v8.3.29 update, Test Invite has introduced a calculator integrated into the test screens for test takers. This new feature will give test takers a handy tool and help them finish their tests on time. Additionally, this will give administrators more confidence with webcam proctoring, since test takers will have one less reason to look away from their screen.

The calculator can be enabled for each test by administrators in Test Settings window. Once the calculator is enabled for a test, test takers can open it by clicking the new button, located beneath buttons for Asset Library, and Reload Media Files.


                                 Button to open the calculator in test screens

The calculator panel can be moved around freely within the test screen, placed almost anywhere on the screen, hidden and revealed as test taker wishes. With the calculator, test takers can do basic mathematic operations, chain successive operations with the result of previous operation and refer to the calculation history as needed.


                          Simple calculator panel for test takers

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