Online Pre-employment Testing

Compare candidates according to objective criteria. Identify the right people for the right position.

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Choose the pre-employment tests that will work for you

General Aptitude Tests

Assess cognitive levels in many dimensions such as verbal, numerical, communication, analytical thinking.

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English Level Tests

Identify the English level in many skill areas such as grammar, reading, listening, speaking.

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Personality Inventories

Identify personality traits with inventories and place people in the right positions.

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Create Your Own Tests

Prepare tests that are suitable for your scenario and apply them safely online.

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Online Video Interviews

Ask candidates interview questions they will answer by recording video via webcams.

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Coding/programming exams

Give online tests consisting of questions answered by writing code in a programming language of your choice.

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Use reliable online recruitment assessments.

Assess fast, find the right people, save time and money.

Intern recruitment

Volume recruitment with multiple steps

White/Blue collar recruitment

Technical staff recruitment

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We evaluate applications from around the world through online recruitment tests. We manage a 4-stage automated process consisting of English level test, general aptitude test, personality test and video interview.


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