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Sections, timers, auto-shuffling, question bank integration, question randomization and many more advanced features.

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Use The Online Test Generator Software to

make your own test

Watch the Video Tutorial
Question bank integration
Time limits
Going forward – backward settings
Randomize order
Security, surveillance and proctoring settings
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Create online tests of various types

Aptitude / IQ Tests

Explore and compare candidates’ analytical abilities, mental tendencies and strengths.

Foreign Language Level Tests

Determine candidates ' proficiency in a foreign language in many dimensions such as grammar, vocabulary, reading, listening, speaking and writing.

Practice Tests

In preparation to actual exams, give practice exams. Easily identify who should improve himself on what matters and who is ready for the actual exam.


Subjective Assessments

Ask subjective questions and collect responses in text, audio, video, file etc.

Test Learning Objectives

Match the test results with the learning outcomes. Easily measure what learning objectives have been gained by applying post-training testing.

Screening Tests

Identify in which fields people are strong or weak by performing screening tests consisting of many sections, categories and dimensions.


Personality Tests

Create any type of personality test with multiple scales.

Inventories & Scales

Create any type of inventory, apply it online, and get automated reports.

Coding Tests

Perform online tests that can be answered by writing code in more than 100 programming languages.

Psychometric Tests

Create all kinds of psychometric tests and apply them online with safety measures.

  • 1

    Create exams consisting of one or more sections.

    • Measure success in each section.
    • Each section may have its own instruction.
  • 2

    Add as many pages and questions as you like to each section.

    • Create questions in the exam editor or add them from the question bank where you have already saved your questions.

  • 3

    Set a time limit for the entire exam, each section and each page.

    • As you can define a single time limit for the entire exam, you can also set separate time limits for each section and each page of the exam.

  • 4

    Set permission for going forward and backward during the exam.

    • You can set permissions to go forward and backward between the sections in the exam and between the pages in each section separately.

  • 5

    Randomly order of exam items.

    • Automatically shuffle the order of sections, pages, questions and even options(anwer choices) in the exam.

  • 6

    Ask random questions from question pools.

    • You can add a random question picker into any page of your choice.
    • From the question pools you will prepare, you can ensure that the pages are created automatically by selecting the questions randomly.

  • 7

    Get all the results you want from the exam.

    • Determine the score weights of each quesiton
    • Set penalty points for questions answered incorrectly.
    • Match your questions with learning outcomes and get a result (final) report for each learning outcomes.
    • Get scores by section, page, dimension, category, tag, effect ...
    • Get comparative reports among all users taking the exam.
    • Export all questions and answers.

  • 8

    Try your exam for free with previewing.

    • While preparing your exam, experience how the exam will work whenever you want with preview.

It is the most advanced exam editor I have ever seen. You can create all kinds of exam setups. Everything has been considered.
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