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How Sanofi is Using Test Invite Exam Software to Conduct Online Tests

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Istanbul, Turkey
Video is recorded on each participant's webcam during the exam.

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Video Recording

Video is recorded on each participant's webcam during the exam.

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Screen lock

The screen is locked during the exam, and it is not allowed to switch to screens other than the exam.


Sanofi believes in the importance of an experienced and competent sales team. It has served many years in Turkey's pharmaceutical market. It attaches importance to the continuous training of its team. With these goals in mind, Its Sales Force Effectiveness (Sales Force Effectiveness) manages the training and development of sales teams in all units.

Sales Force Training Unit; During certain periods of the year; It organizes regular exams for 10 different drug groups on different subjects, including different drugs and marketing - medical for each group. The purpose of these exams is to measure the knowledge of sales teams and to determine development areas. Being successful in these exams, which is also a requirement abroad, is mandatory for the entire sales team.

In 2020, online quizzes organised via the sales team throughout Turkey in 5 different languages were taken by 500 employees via their ipads. Security during the exam was achieved by applying the following methos:

  • Everyone was allowed to start the exam at the same time.
  • Questions, sections and options were randomly shown to everyone differently.
  • The time limit was determined in accordance with the number of questions

In April, 550 employees took the exam online, 99% attendance was achieved and it was once again seen that taking the exams remotely increased participation.

Quantification and consideration:

Correct measurement and evaluation is extremely important in terms of measuring the knowledge level of a certain group and following their development. Sanofi Turkey has made in certain periods of the sales team and medical / marketing information in the measure that these examinations were taken into consideration the following criteria:

  1. Subject, category and drug group breakdown is analyzed in detail in all the reports.
  2. Both the exam result reports and the Question & Answer reports have been examined in detailed sub-dimensions.
  3. By conducting Q&A analyzes, the areas where sales teams are open to improvement have been identified from point-to-point.

Technical and operational support was provided before, during and after the exams, and it was ensured that all exams were carried out correctly and in accordance with their purpose.


  1. 1000+ online exams managed
  2. Participation rates exceeded 95%.
  3. The drug and subject specific levels of the employees were determined and their development areas were determined. In this way, a healthy planning of additional training of employees in areas where development is needed was ensured.
  4. Question Success Analysis was made and the questions that the employees had less / more difficulties were determined. By analyzing which subject and drug group the questions belonged to, it ensured that future trainings are planned accordingly.

That effort shows, as the team has created 900 help center articles and claims a 95 percent success rate through its investment in self-service, meaning that help center visitors are served without needing to switch to an assisted channel. The number of tickets not created, as a result, is significant, especially considering that Amazon's help center has bypassed 15.5 million visits and now averages two million visits each month. Front quantified a 27 percent increase in knowledge usage and noted that headcount on the Customer Operations team has remained relatively stable since the end of 2015 through mid-2018..

The flexibility of the question bank enabled detailed measurement reporting in different categories. Thus, we were able to transfer more data to the development side.The support provided by the Tesi invite team during the exams enabled us to manage the processes smoothly.

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