Pre-Employment Tests for Recruiters. Pricing: Pay only for what you use
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No monthly fees, no subscriptions, no plans. Buy assessment credits for the pre-employment test that you would like to use only when you need. Have greater discounts when you buy more credits at once.
The same prices apply for all tests.
Language Level Tests
Aptitude Tests
Personality Tests
1 Test = 1 Assessment Credit
Each time a pre-employment test is taken, 1 assessment credit is used
Assessment credits you buy are valid for 3 years
50 Assessment Credits
100 Assessment Credits
16.6% OFF : Save $100
250 Assessment Credits
33.3% OFF : Save $500
500 Assessment Credits
50% OFF : Save $1.500
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Extra Features
To enable extra features, you would need to buy system credits. For every test session, you can enable or disable any of the extra features - so that you can make use of the extra features only when you need them.
Webcam Video Proctoring
The webcam video is recorded during the test session.
+8 system credits per testing
Webcam Photo Proctoring
Photos are taken through the webcam during the test session.
+3 system credits per testing
Secure Browser
Enables full screen enforcement (aka. lockdown browser) and advanced logging.
+1.5 system credit per testing
Send E-mails
Invite people to tests or get notified whenever a test has been completed.
+0.25 system credit per e-mail
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