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Tickets Tab

Tickets tab is used to create Tickets based on the Authentication Method that you choose for the Task.

Tickets are used to create identifiers (login credentials) for Applicants.

Every time you change the Authentication Method, you need to create new Tickets based on your selection.

Tickets have their own custom Availability settings. However, they cannot hierarchically overwrite the Task's own Availability settings.

For Example, if the Task's access period is set as the entire month of May, some Tickets can be issued for the 1st week of May, while some can be for the other weeks within May, but none of the Tickets can be issued for a week in June.

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Creating Tickets

How to create a new ticket:

  1. Go to Tickets tab of your Task,
  2. Click the +ADD NEW TICKET button
  3. You will be prompted to make an option from the drop-down menu:
    1. New Ticket
    2. Import Tickets
    3. New User Tickets

New Ticket

With the New Ticket option, you can create custom tickets for each Applicant.

You can set the following settings individually for each Applicant

  • Availability time
  • User Tags
  • Monitoring & Safety Settings
  • Pricing (fee)

Import Tickets

If you want to create Ticket for multiple Applicants in bulk, you can use Import Tickets:

  • When creating tickets, you only need to enter Credentials of the Applicants (Turkish Identity Number, Student Number, etc.).
  • Other settings for Applicants can be set individually by manually updating the newly created Tickets.

New User Tickets

You can create Tickets for the Users of your Organization using New User Tickets option.

After selecting the relevant users from the list that opens, simply click SAVE.

Updating Tickets

How to update an existing Ticket:

  1. Go to Tickets tab of your Task,
  2. Check the box to the left of the Ticket,
  3. Click the pencil icon above the list of Tickets,
  4. Make the changes you want,
  5. Click SAVE button to save your changes.

You can only update tickets that Applicants have not yet used.

Deleting Tickets

How to delete an existing Ticket:

  1. Go to Tickets tab of your Task,
  2. Check the box to the left of the Ticket(s),
  3. Click the trash can icon above the list of tickets

You can only delete tickets that Applicants have not yet used.

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