Test Scores Subtotal by Subjects/Dimensions/Question Group
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You can edit the Dimensions of a Question from the Scoring tab.

Dimensions adds a separate Score apart from Exam Score.

Like Exam Score, you can set different Point and Negative Point for each Dimension.

You can add same or different Dimensions to Questions to see how an Applicant succeeds in specific areas of the Exam.

For instance, you may add General Culture dimension to several Questions to see how informed the Applicant is apart from his/her Exam Score:

  • An Applicant may have a very high Exam Score but might have failed in General Culture Questions.
  • or The Applicant may have an average Exam Score but might have aced in General Culture Questions.

You can have multiple Dimensions assigned to a Question.

For instance, a Question may have General Culture, France and Paris as Dimensions, each with their own Scoring System.

The final calculation of each Dimension is made the same way as Exam Score. The only difference is the Point (or Negative Point) used in calculation is distinct for each Dimension.

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Test Scores Subtotal by Subjects/Dimensions/Question Group
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