Automatic Grading Test Questions: Scoring & Point System
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You can edit the Scoring of a Question from the Scoring tab.

Scoring determines how a Question affects the final Exam Score.


Terms that are used in Scoring:

  • Percent Value: The positive (if correct) or negative (if incorrect) number that is assigned to each Choice in a Question.
  • Total Percent Value: The total sum of all the choices an Applicant has selected in a Question.
  • Final Percent Value: The rounded value of Total Percent Value when the Total Percent Value is higher or smaller than 100 and -100.
  • Point: The number that will be multiplied with Final Percent Value (if positive) to get to the Score.
  • Negative Point: The number that will be multiplied with Final Percent Value (if negative) to get to the Score.
  • Score: The calculated success value that an Applicant gets for each Question.

Percent Value

In Multiple Choice Questions, you can assign a positive or negative value to each Choice:

  • If the Applicant can only select one Choice, then the value of that Choice will be the Final Percent Value
  • If the Applicant selects multiple Choices, then the total sum of the selected Choices will be used.
    • If the total sum is bigger than 100 then it's rounded back to 100.
    • If the total sum is smaller than -100 then it's rounded up to -100.

In Input Questions, you can only assing a value to a Choice if you enable to Input Evaluation.

This value is then multiplied with Question's Point to calculate Score for that Question.

Exam Score

The sum of each Question Score gives the Exam Score.

To get the Question Score for each Question, the Percent Value that the Applicant got from that Question:

  • is multiplied with Point if it's bigger than 0.
  • is multiplied with Negative Point if it's smaller than 0.
  • is 0 if the Percent Value is 0.

Each Question can have its own Point and Negative Point.

Scoring Preview

When the Question Preview is activated, then you can also see how the Scoring will be calculated by selecting a Choice in the preview area.

Test Invite Exam Software Question Scoring Preview Points & Grades

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Automatic Grading Test Questions: Scoring & Point System
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