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Live Monitoring

Watching Live Online Exams: Surveillance & Monitoring

From the Live tab, you can see:

  • In which Page of which Section an Applicant is,
  • How many Questions, the Applicant has answered until now,
  • and the last time, the Applicant has answered a question.

If you have enabled Video or Photo recording in Monitoring & Safety settings of the Task (or from the Applicant's Room), then you can watch live the Applicant's Video or Photo feed.

Test Invite Exam Software Monitoring Examinations Live

From the list, you can see at which Question of which Page of which Section the Applicant is.

If the Video or Photo surveillance is active (from Task settings or Room settings), then you can click to WATCH button and start watching the live feed of the Applicant.

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Monitor LIVE Examinations Online