Online Examination Process Management
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Management of Exam Process

Exam process begins when an applicant starts taking an Exam:

  1. A separate and unique Room is created for every applicant who enters a Room.
    • It is recorded, whenever an applicant enters an Exam within the Room.
  2. During the Exam, you can see live:
    • At which Page of which Section of which Exam an Applicant is,
    • Which Questions were answered until now,
    • The live feed of Applicant's Video or Photo footage (if the Surveillance Settings was set)
  3. After the Exam, you can instantly see:
    • Exam Scores,
    • The answers given in detail,
    • And export the results and the Questions & Answers to your device.

A new and unique Room is created for every Applicant that joins to your prepared Task. It's recorded in the Room, every time an Applicant access to an Exam

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Online Examination Process Management
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