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Exporting Results

Exporting Results

You can export Exam Results in various formats like JSON, CSV or HTML and download into your computer.

  • Go to Tasks
  • Select the task
  • Move to the Results Tab
  • Select the exams
  • Click on the Export Results icon on the top

Test Invite Exam Software Exporting Test Results

Test Invite Exam Software Exporting Exam Results

You can export Exam Results in 3 different ways:

  • JSON: exports the results as JSON file. This filetype is used for IT professionals who frequently use this type of file.
  • CSV (Comma Separated Values): to use in Excal and similar programs.
    • Tab Delimited, Comma Delimited or Semicolon Delimited
    • If you plan to export as CSV, please make sure that you didn't use the punctuation you plan use as delimiter (tab, comma or semicolon) in the value fields (Exam name, Section name, Page name, etc).
  • HTML: to see the results tabulated in a spreadsheet in a Browser
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Exporting Test Results: Scores & Points for All Participants