Test Results: Answers, Scores, Grading and Exporting Exam Reports
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You can see Exam scores of the Applicants and export data of the Exams from the Results tab.

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The image above shows a screenshot of the Results tab. In order:

  • 1: Force Close Session: A candidate may have left his/her session open even though he/she completed the exam. In such cases, you can terminate the exam by clicking this button.
  • 2: Ignore Exam Result(s): Described in detail below.
  • 3: Reacknowledge Exam Result(s): Described in detail below.
  • 4: Refresh: The Results tab takes a snapshot of the exam at the time you open it. You can use this button to update the tab’s info..
  • 5: Go to Rooms of Selected Results: Shows the Rooms of the selected Exams in the Rooms tab.
  • 6: Export Results: Described in detail below.
  • 7: Export Questions and Answers: Described in detail below.
  • 8: Search: Lets you search between the rows listed on the Results tab: Exam name, Room no, Username and so on. You can filter instantaneously by typing.
  • 9: Exam Score: Described in detail below.

Ignore Exam Results / Reacknowledge Exam Results

You can invalidate an Exam of an Applicant to let that Applicant take the Exam again by clicking on Ignore Exam Results button. When this Applicant retakes the Exam, a new room will be created for that separate from the previous Room. So, the Applicant can retake the Exam from scratch as if the previous Exam never happened.

If you click to Ignore Exam Results button by accident or you change your mind afterwards, you can always use the Reacknowledge Exam Results button to validate the invalidated Exam.

Exam Score

When an Applicant completes an Exam, it gets scored. You can see the Exam Score of each Applicant on the right side of the row of their Room.

You will notice 2 different numbers written on Exam Score button:

  • First number is the Exam Score of the Applicant from the whole of the Exam.
  • The numbers written in brackets is the percented Score.

Once you click the Exam Score button, a small popup will open where you will see Section Scores of the Applicant separately.

By clicking to Report button, you can open the Report Page.


You can use the Report Page to see how the Applicants answered each Question in the Exam and see a detailed Report of it.

How to open the Report Page of an Applicant:

  • Please make sure that the Exam is completed first.
  • Go to Results tab of the Task and find the Room No of the Applicant whose Report Page you want to see.
  • Click on the Exam Score button on the right of the row of the Room of the Applicant,
  • Click on the Report button on the small popup.

Report Page contains 5 tabs:

  • Answers
    • You can see what the Applicant Answered on each individual Question.
    • You can evaluate the given answers manually for the Questions which don’t have automatic evaluation.
  • Summary
    • You can see how much time an Applicant spend on each page and his/her success summary for each Section and Page.
  • Dimensions
    • You can see the Dimension Scores for this Exam If you have added a Dimension Scoring to your Questions.
  • Monitoring
    • You can see/watch the Video/Photo feed recorded during the Exam, if you added this option prior to Exam.
  • Data Export
    • You can use Questions to gather information from Applicant by changing Points for those Questions to 0, thereby they won’t affect the Exam Score.
    • When you create a Question with 0 points then they would appear on this tab if:
      • You have given a Reporting Name to the Question (for Multiple Choice Questions).
      • You have chosen Single Line or Multi Line Answer type (for Input Questions).
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Test Results: Answers, Scores, Grading and Exporting Exam Reports
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