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Updating Multiple Users via JSON

Update Users' Information in bulk with JSON

How to go to Import Users page:

  1. From the Menu click to Organization Button,
  2. On the opened page, click on Users box,
  3. On the opened Users page, click on the red circle button on bottom right.
  4. On the popup menu, click on Import Users button to go to Import Users page.

To update Users in Bulk with JSON click on Select File button and select the JSON file you prepared from your computer.

Deleted and ID Properties:

To update Users' information in bulk with a JSON file, you need to know the id of each User you want to update. No User information can be updated without the ID information. While updating Users in bulk, you can also delete and add new Users. To delete a user, you need to add deleted property to that user and set it to true.

You need to format your JSON file to delete/update Users in bulk:

  • id: whenever you create a new User and ID value is created for that user.
    • You need to enter this information to update the User info.
    • To learn the specific ID of a User, you need to export the Users info as a JSON file first.
  • deleted: to delete the account
    • true (yes, delete)
    • false (no, do not delete)
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Updating Multiple User Accounts in Online Exam Software