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How to go to your Organization's Partners Page:

  1. From the Menu click to Organization Button,
  2. On the opened page, click on the Partners box,
  3. Partners page will open.

In this page, you can see the list of the Organizations you have a partnership with, add new partners and delete them from partnership.

To add another Organization as a Partner, the related Organization needs to inform you of the Organization ID Number.

Test Invite Test Center Partnership Organization ID

How to find Organization ID Number:

  • On top of the Partners Page
  • or on top of the boxes in the Organization Dashboard Page

How to add an Organization as a Partner:

  1. Type the related Organization's Organization ID Number in the Search an Organization text field in Partners page and click on search.
  2. If you entered a correct ID Number then the related Organization name will appear in the Search Results with a button "+ADD AS A PARTNER" next to it.
  3. Click on "+AS ADD A PARTNER" button to add this Organization as a Partner.

How to remove an Organization from your Partners:

  • In the Partners Page, find the Organization you want to remove and first click on the 3 dots button in the same line, then click Delete.
  • If you want to bulk delete multiple Organizations, select by clicking on their checkboxes and then click delete button on top of the list.

The e-mail address that appears in Partners' List is the the Contact E-mail Address that is set from the Organization Profile page.

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