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Organization & Users


When you register to Test Invite, a new Admin Account and a new Organization belonging to that Admin Account is created.

Every user, question, exam and task is saved under this organization. This way you can work on content and design of processes together with your coworkers.


You can add new users, questions and exams to your organization, design exam processes and invite applicants to these processes.

You can create an online exam process step by step from scratch and change every detail as you will.

After the completion of processes, you can import the information to your computer to review them in detail.

Organization Hierarchy:

  • Every Admin Account is the owner of one Organization.
  • Organizations have,
    • Users,
    • Questions,
    • Exams,
    • and Tasks

Test Invite Exam Software System Organization Flow Chart

How it works

  • Users (of an Organization -according to their Role-) can create
    • new Questions (or change existing ones)
    • new Exams (or change existing ones)
    • new Tasks and Exam processes (or change existing ones)
    • or can take be applicants to exam processes -if they are invited-.
  • Questions,
    • are saved in Question Bank.
    • can be used in created Exams.
    • can be created, modified and deleted.
  • Exams can,
    • use the Questions that are already in the Question Bank.
    • have specific questions created specifically for them.
    • be created, modified and deleted.
  • with Tasks you can,
    • create Exam Processes
    • invite applicants or users from your organization to take the exams.
    • during the exam, you can instantly check
  • at which Page of which Section the applicant is browsing
  • which question was last answered by the applicant
  • watch the live video or photo feed (if you had enabled it from security settings)
    • after the exam, you can instantly check
  • the success (score) of each applicant.
  • watch the recorded video or photo feed (if you had enabled it from security settings)
  • You can also export questions, answers and results of an exam to use it in your office spreadsheet applications.
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