Importing User Accounts w JSON into Online Test Platform
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Importing Users in Bulk with JSON

How to go to Import Users page:

  1. From the Menu click to Organization Button,
  2. On the opened page, click on Users box,
  3. On the opened Users page, click on the red circle button on bottom right.
  4. On the popup menu, click on Import Users button to go to Import Users page.

To import Users in Bulk with JSON click on Select File button and select the JSON file you prepared from your computer.


This process is for the IT personnel who works with JSON files. If you have no prior experience with JSON file format, please refer to your IT department or contact us.

Below is the sample JSON File that you can use this structure to create your own:

Test Invite Exam System Importing User Accounts with JSON
Download File

The above example is used to create a single User. You can inspect the JSON file to create your own.

You can use these JSON properties:

  • username: User's username
  • password: User's password
  • fullname: User's full name
  • email: User's contact e-mail address (to send invitation e-mails)
  • active: Active/Passive status of the User
    • true (User is activated: can login)
    • false (User is passive: cannot login)
  • Roles: User's role in your Organization. A User can have multiple Roles.
    • USER (Regular User)
    • EDITOR (Editor)
    • OPERATOR (Operator)
    • MANAGER (Manager)
  • Tags: User's Tag Name(s) and Tag Value(s). A User can have multiple Tags.
    • Department
    • Section
    • Group
    • Category
    • Position
    • Class
    • Source

When uploading your custom JSON file, make sure all properties are defined and filled or you will get an error message.

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Importing User Accounts w JSON into Online Test Platform
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