Exporting User Accounts from Online Exam Software
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Exporting Users with JSON file

To list the current Users of your Organization:

  1. From the Menu click to Organization Button,
  2. On the opened page, click on Users box,
  3. Users page will open and will list the current users.

How to export Users in bulk:

  1. Select the Users you want to export from the Users list.
  2. Click on Export button on top of the Users List.
    1. Once you click on the button, a JSON file will be created.
    2. This JSON file is ready to be uploaded back to the system for importing.
    3. You can edit this file by opening it with any text editor.

You will notice that this JSON file has 2 extra properties: deleted and id. These fields are used when you bulk update the Users' information.

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Exporting User Accounts from Online Exam Software
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