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How to get the test results?

Once your candidates finish their tests, you will be able to see their report on your account under "Tasks" menu > "Results" tab. If you visit your account, you can see your own test result under this menu/tab

  • If you click on the on the dark blue "TEST: 0.0 (0.0%)", another screen will be opened.
  • Please click "Report" on the top right side of that new popup screen. You'll have a detailed report page with several tabs on top.
  • You can review and evaluate all the answers and monitor the file candidates will upload from the "Answer" tab. You'll be able to see all the questions and answers by sections and pages.
  • In order to evaluate the answers, you need to use "Manual Evaluation" box on the right of each question (please write a score over 100) and once you are done click on "Update Evaluations" button on the left menu