Learn About Facts Of Why People Stay At Companies
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Why People Stay?

Reasons such as job security, a work culture, recognition for achievements, flexible hours, or a sense of belonging may keep employees to stay with a company; however, the principal reasons for staying with a company in cultures where people are more like to change jobs are:

  • Pride in the organization as people are more willing to work for well-managed companies with skilled leaders with a clear vision of the firm’s future, who can devise good strategies for success and motivate others.
  • A respected supervisor, who an employee is happy to work with and whom they respect & are supportive of them, is even more important.
  • Fair compensation, both competitive wages & benefits and intangible compensation that promotes to learn, grow and achieve is another good reason for employees to stay with the company.
  • Affiliation with respected and compatible colleagues may be crucial for some employees.
  • Meaningful work in which employees have a job and a set of duties that match with their interest and satisfy them, increases the productivity and make them stay with the company.

If the companies want to attract valuable people and retain them, they need to create unique set of benefits, “employee value proposition” (EVP) by providing them exciting work, a great company, attractive compensation and opportunities to develop.

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