Case Study: Two Employee Retention Champion Companies
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Two Retention Champions

  1. Southwest Airlines
  2. Southwest Airlines accomplished more than thirty years of consecutive profitability, thanks to its 4% turnover rate, which is half of its competitors. Employees of SWA like their jobs and stay with the company, this provides the company low recruiting & training costs and customer satisfaction & loyalty.

    SWA’s strong relationship with employees that is created in employee-focused workplace is based on informality, teamwork and dedication to customer satisfaction. SWA compounded its business strategy (low price, no frills, on time) with its differentiated value proposition to its employees and provided a high retention rate with pride in the organization, compatible supervisors, fair compensation, affiliation and meaningful work.

  3. SAS Institute
  4. A software development company SAS Institute with 4% of turnover rate is another retention champion. Considering the average turnover rate is 20-25% in software development business where many employees leave their jobs for higher pay rates, SAS Institute has shown a remarkable success.

    SAS work environment including individual offices for all, flexible work schedules that help employees to adjust their work and family responsibilities and on-site health facility makes the company a calm and humane place in a stressful business world and therefore much more valuable for the employees.

    SAS has a long-term growth and profitability thanks to its employee-friendly programs. These programs are recompensed by the potential cost of the employee turnover, which is calculated as between 50-70 millions of dollars per year. Apart from the financial gain, SAS provides itself a greater productivity of teams that stay together, the knowledge that stays in the company and the bonds that link the customers to individual employees.

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