Stay In Touch With Valuable Former Employees
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Final Solution: Stay In Touch With Your Valued Former Employees

Losing a real contributor surely is not a nice feeling and it causes adverse thoughts and extra work for the managers. When a good employee leaves the company, you usually ask grumbling questions about if you could do something to prevent, about the consequences of the turnover, about how to cover for this person’s work and so forth.

Finally, you start thinking about filling the empty position and about its cost in time and money. You get in contact with HR department to review the job description, post a job vacancy, scan dozens of résumés, prepare and arrange interviews and expect to find someone as good as the person who left.

While doing all, you should keep your head up and try to take advantage of the situation. In some cases, an employee turnover may turn to be good if you keep your former employees in your orbit with an effective alumni program. Do not forget that you can always hire former employees in later stages and keeping good relations with past workers is always a good idea.

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