Decide The Right Match Candidate & Make The Offer
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Making The Final Decision & Offer

Once you are sure that you obtain all the necessary information about the candidates, it is time to make a decision. Compare top three candidates by ranking amongst each other and ask yourself if you want this person to work for your organization. The goal of hiring process is to select the most qualified person but you should be aware of two common mistakes during the hiring:

  1. One of these mistakes is looking for the hottest, brightest candidate who may cost your firm more than the organization can afford, who are so confident of themselves that they won’t be motivated enough to work for your organization or whose education & experience are more than the required job.

  2. Another common mistake is having a misevaluation of hiring a candidate who is similar to you will strengthen the organization, but in fact it is much beneficial to have a diversity of a group with different qualifications.

After evaluating all the information and making your mind, you or somebody else who is in charge of job offering in the organization will make an offer to the candidate, usually in person or by phone depending on company policy. Be careful at making the offer with enthusiasm and be ready to get more information regarding candidate’s concerns, the timing of the decision and other organizations which the candidate may be in contact with.

After extending a verbal offer, you should document the offer and send a written confirmation. Offer letter is not the employment contract but it is an official document that includes some important details such as job description and title, starting date, responsibilities, salary, bonuses, compensation and so forth.

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