Improve Hiring Process For Continous Development
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Bonus: Don't Forget Process Improvement

Hiring process should be examined after the hiring and be open to continuous development. Participants of the process should evaluate each step, pinpoint weaknesses and soft spots, identify the opportunities for development and ask themselves some questions:

  • Do the right people have a voice during the process? How efficient are we to describe the requirements of the position? Is our job description focused on how the job has been designed or how it should be?
  • Is the recruiting method attractive for qualified candidates? How can we develop our method to attract candidates that are more qualified?
  • Are we efficient at finding qualified applicants?
  • Do we ask the right questions to obtain the most needed information in the interview? Is there a consistent quality across the interviewer and the interview sessions or do some interviewer need more training?
  • How can we make the evaluation process more objective, rigorous and consistent?
  • Is the job offer clear and compelling? When facing with job offer rejection, do we take any action why it is rejected?

Improving your hiring process by asking these questions and following the steps will also improve the quality of your candidates and therefore the hiring process.

Hiring is amenable to continuous improvement just like any other process. You and the whole organization can be much more effective at hiring process and in the working area by treating each encounter as a learning experience. Know what you are doing well and what you’re doing poorly so that you can be more efficient in your next hiring process.

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