Identify Job Requirements: Skills & Characteristics Needed
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Defining Job Requirements

First task of hiring is to identify the job and its requirements. After this, you should ask what skills and characteristics are needed to perform the job accurately so that you can find the right person who can fit in the organization’s culture and the managerial approach.

Primary Responsibilities and Tasks

Check the responsibilities and tasks of the current personnel if you are looking to hire for an existing position, thus this should not withhold you to reevaluate the job description.

Education and Experience

Deciding whether a specific education is required or not, is very important while finding the right candidate for the required job. If yes, the best would be choosing a candidate with certain level of degree.

Experience requirements should be depending on the analysis of the responsibilities and the tasks required for the job. A candidate with industry and functional job skills and experience is very important but you should also consider whether a candidate without experience in the specific area could be trained or not. Time and cost for on-the-job training must be in consideration to prevent damage for the position and the organization.

Personal Characteristics

Personal characteristics are important to decide candidate’s approach on the job and relation with the colleagues in the organization.

  • Analytical and creative abilities are major criteria of the candidate’s assessment to evaluate a problem and finding a solution.

    It is critical to determine what kind of decision-making style is needed for the position, as decision-making style differs amongst people while some tend to be more structured, analytical and some are more intuitional or while some are quicker than others in making decisions.

  • Interpersonal skills have a big role of choosing the right candidate. Deciding on what type of traits and behaviors are needed for the job will help you to choose the right candidate, as different positions require different tasks and therefore different interpersonal skills.

  • A candidate, whose goals, progression, energy level are matched with the position and the organization, will be more motivating to perform his job.

  • One another important figure on the matter is to create consensus amongst the people in the organization whom the new hire will interact. Best way to do is asking privately for the characteristics needed by different departments and then openly discussing the differences and priorities of the characteristics of the new hire and finally evaluating the candidates.

Develop a Job Description

Job description is the profile of the job and its principal functions, which allows the candidates and the recruiter to understand the mission, culture and objective of the organization.

Job description should include job title, job responsibilities and tasks, hiring and reporting manager, summary of the job task, responsibilities and objectives, compensation, hours and location, background and personal characteristics required, which must be checked with human resources department.

Developing the job description should be seen as an opportunity to redesign of the position according to the changes and the needs of the position. While describing the job, it is important to determine which skills, abilities and knowledge are needed for the job, to use the time right and not to be hasty and to obey the legal restrictions.

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