Obtain Deeper Understanding: Apply Case Interviewing Method
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Case Interviewing

Having many people involved in interviewing process may add diversity in information and improve accuracy. Some companies go further and apply “case interviewing” method to obtain a deeper understanding of applicants and the way they approach problems.

Companies need employees with strategic perspective and case interviewing enables companies to see candidates’ analytical and communicational skills. The objective of case interviewing, in which a possible scenario of a business problem or a conflict within the organization is created and responded by at least one well-reasoned solution by the candidate, is to find out the applicant’s ability to notice the problem, identify the possible solutions, organize her/his thinking on strategic matters and deal with them.

Case interviewing has traditionally focused on testing problem-solving abilities to understand the applicants’ approach to problems and logic to solve them but interviewers also need to test the job-specific skills of the applicant.

Power of case interviewing is threefold;

  • First is understanding candidates’ mind work by creating a scenario as close as real life situations where the candidate needs to find solutions in a short time with no preparation.

  • Secondly, it helps the candidate to understand the position and its requirements better.

  • Lastly, case-interviewing helps to find out a variety of skills such as strategic planning, judging ability, analytical and communication skills and so forth.

On the other hand, case interviewing is time consuming so it is better to apply only for higher-level positions. It also favors individuals who are naturally faster at processing and responding information than the others are, and it does not measure the ability in motivation, leadership or teamwork.

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