How to Write & Create Interview Questions
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Hiring for Attitude

The pre-employment test is basically a series of tests whose general objective lies in the efficient and objective collection of information regarding the candidates taken into account by an organization during the hiring process, which is why it is possible to obtain detailed information on the capabilities and characteristics of selected candidates with the intention of estimating their performance in a given area of work.
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How to Write & Create Interview Questions

As we learned which interview questions not to ask, now is time to learn which questions should be asked. To do so, you need to finalize the critical attitudes of high and low performers that project success and failure for your organization. The interview questions should present candidates with specific situations related to required attitudes. These customized hallmark interview questions will provide you only the raw truth about candidates’ reactions in past situations instead of prepared answers. When you compare the candidates’ responses with the attitudes of your best and worst employees in the organization, you will have an explicit idea about how the candidates would be like when working in your organization culture.

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How to Write & Create Interview Questions
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