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Hiring for Attitude

The pre-employment test is basically a series of tests whose general objective lies in the efficient and objective collection of information regarding the candidates taken into account by an organization during the hiring process, which is why it is possible to obtain detailed information on the capabilities and characteristics of selected candidates with the intention of estimating their performance in a given area of work.
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Low & High Performers

Why employees do not know about the differences between high and low performers

There are two reasons why employees do not know about the differences between high and low performers. First is because some companies do not believe they should teach it and second is because some companies are not good at teaching it.

Regarding the first reason, if you did an excellent job in hiring your employees and it turned out that all your employees are hundred percent high performers with great attitudes, and then you do not need to teach or coach your employees. However, there is no such company.

On the second issue, many companies are not teaching performance expectations well enough. As we did to find our hallmarks and Behavioral Specificity, you need to stay away from fuzzy language and set your limits for performance expectations clear so that employees may be sure of what is wanted from them. We can create Word Pictures to show in detail and make sure which actions indicate which levels of the work. We need to specify all the columns starting from the left side as what needs more work, what makes it a good work and what makes it a great work.

In this matter, let us say you are looking for a certain level of accountability. The first column (Needs Work) describes behaviors that are not enough to be accountable, the middle column describes to actions that show an acceptable level and the right columns shows the high-level behaviors of accountability in detail.

While it is important to develop your Hallmarks and turn them into the Word Pictures, Word Pictures are also great teaching tools to use in orientations, onboarding, employee training, performance appraisals and coaching discussions.

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Why employees do not know about the differences between high and low performers
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