Finding the Attitudes

Bad Interview Questions

Creating Interview Questions

Answer Guidelines

Attracting the Right Candidates

Use of Hallmarks

Hiring for Attitude
Use of Hallmarks

Use Your Hallmarks For More Than Just Hiring

Now you know how to make an effective comparison and recruit the candidates you want by using the tools you need from your Hallmarks, Interview Questions and your Answer Guidelines. Selecting the best attitudinal fit for the organization is no longer a problem.

However, there might be circumstances where all these steps fail. Here is how everything may go wrong: The good and bad answers from the Hallmarks Answer Guidelines came from actual employees of the organization. Employees who were supposedly trained did things that are in the wrong way. Thus, things that are considered unacceptable have become acceptable by a group of employees. Either this means that there are employees who do not have the right attitude for the organization because you did not select them correctly or you did not do a good job teaching these employees what is unacceptable.

Your Hallmarks Discovery shows that not everyone shares the same understanding about high and low performance. When you create your hallmarks and do a good job selecting right attitude-people, there will not be any big issue about people with wrong attitude and also about teaching them what differentiates high and low performers, which returns you in high performance effort.

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Use Your Hallmarks for More Than Just Hiring