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Attracting the Right Candidates
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Our aim is to hire the high performers, but not only that, we also want to measure the results. Some of the useful metrics are:

  • Quality of Hires: We want to know how efficient our new hires are. This can be measured with performance management system or a simple survey. It is better to do it 3, 6 and 12 months periods to see how these new hires speed up. Be aware that the performance should be focused on attitude alongside with technical skills.
  • New Hire Engagement: Engagement surveys make it simple to determine the engagement levels of new hires. We can easily determine the employees who are motivated to give their 100 percent effort.
  • New Hire Tenure: It is very important to keep the new hires who are high performers and gives their best.
  • Manager Satisfaction: You can do a survey amongst your managers to see how happy they are about the new hires and the process to get them.

It is important to go in details about these measures by each recruiting channel.

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Hiring Metrics: Quality of the Hiring Process