Hiring For Attitude: Finding candidates to fit your company culture
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Why hiring people with the right attitude is important

Organizations need right people to success and accomplish their goals. However, the perception to find and hire the right people is usually wrong, as the managers tend to hire the most skilled people for their organization. According to a study, the main reason of failed new hires is not due to the lack of skills but other reasons:

  1. Trainability is the ability to be receptive to the feedbacks and constructive criticism from bosses, colleagues, customers so that individuals can improve their performances.
  2. Emotional Intelligence is the capability to recognize and express one’s emotions and handle interpersonal relationships.
  3. Motivation is the will to achieve one’s full potential.
  4. Temperament refers to individuals’ behaviors matching with the job and the work environment.
  5. Technical Competence is the capacity of employees’ functional skills and knowledge to perform sufficiently.

These results show the real reason of failed new hires: the wrong decision is due to attitude.


Most of the time the bad hire derives from hiring an employee with wrong attitude; either a person that was not coachable or was not enough emotional intelligent, or not enough motivated. You can easily reach a conclusion by doing a small practice to determine the characteristics of your low performers. If you observe the employees that you regret to hire, you will see that the characteristics of these wrong hires are usually related to attitude.

Many good skilled employees may lack of the attitudes that match with the organization’s culture; these people may be negative, blaming, change-resistant and procrastinate or don’t take initiative and so on. Most companies pay skilled but lousy attitude people that they regret to hire, as it is much harder to fire employees than hiring. It makes it even more important to hire for attitude.

Obviously, skill is an important matter in hiring people but finding people with right attitude fitting within the organization is a greater deal than finding people with right skills. There are numerous tests to determine candidates’ skills and talents that make it much easier to find out if the person has the right skills for the job or not. The biggest challenge in hiring is about determining the attitudes that fit in with the organization and so attitude should be the main focus issue in hiring process.

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