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People You Should Not Hire: People With Wrong Attitudes

When focusing on attitudes during hiring process, you should be looking for two different kinds of people that you should not hire: people whose attitudes do not fit with your organization’s culture and those who have problematic attitudes.

People who do not fit in your organization may be a star worker in another environment and the same is valid for other companies. Just because they do not fit in one company, it does not mean that they are not good workers or have bad attitudes. There are no universal high performers, some people just need to be in another environment to work efficiently and be beneficial. The expression for these people is ‘’It is not you, it is me.’’

However, people who have problematic attitudes are completely different. Many companies differentiate employees as high, middle and low performers. High performers are desirable people that most of the companies want to hire, but low performers may be difficult to notice. For this, we need to consider performance having two dimensions, which are skills and attitudes. People with lousy skills and bad attitudes are inherently considered as low performers. It is very easy to identify those during interview process and they do not cause huge problems for hiring managers. However, it is very crucial and more difficult to identify people who have good skills but bad attitudes or those who have lousy skills but good attitudes. As both are identified as low performers, you should not make the mistake of hiring these people.

People with great attitude and insufficient skills are low performers and it does not matter how much they are loved or respected. Since they fail to get the job done right, they are ill suited for your organization without any doubt. One good thing about these low performers is that they can be identified easily before they give rise to potential problems and they can be trained if the managers are willing to.

The real problem occurs due to those who have great skills but bad attitudes. These people have talents that most managers dream of all the employees could have but they can be incredibly difficult to deal with. This type of people is the most difficult kind of low performers to discern in interviews. They are smart people and good at showing their good characteristics instead of their problematic attitudes. They also do not have only bad attitudes; they usually possess some good characteristics along with many of them that could drive you insane.

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People You Should Not Hire: People With Wrong Attitudes