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Finding the Attitudes

Determining the Attitudes that Best Fit Your Organization Culture

We now know that attitudes such as motivation, trainability, emotional intelligence and so forth are the main factors that differentiate high and low performance; but they do not provide one-size-fits-all solution. Everyone has his or her own special attitudes and these attitudes determine the organizations’ character and culture. This is exactly what you need to be careful when you are hiring someone, because hiring a person that does not fit in with your company will be a burden for you and for your organization, even the person is highly skilled.

When you are on hiring process for your organization, you receive many résumés from different level of skilled people. Once you get résumés, you start eliminating them and to do so, you check the experiences, skills, attributes of the candidates. Candidates that you may believe to become a top employee according to their level of skills and experiences may not be the best option for the organization if they fail to fit well with your organization. Therefore, to hire the best possible person for the organization, you first need to decide whether the attitudes of the candidate match with the culture of the organization and the employees.

One person with wrong attitude can cause greater harm than you think. Firstly, person who does not fit in the organization and with wrong attitude may damage sense of teamwork and cause a performance decrease in the team and therefore in the organization. Employees working in uncomfortable environment will not be happy and this will affect the customer satisfaction. To prevent this, you need to be aware of the organization’s culture, behaviors and attitudes of the team that a new hire will be interact with, so that you can identify which attitudes are the primary measure for the new hire to become the right talent.

Your organization, like many other organizations, is unique and has different hallmarks. Once you determine the characteristics of your organization, you will get the information about what kind of person you need to hire and you can create a test or a system to determine those who does fit in your culture. More importantly, your hallmark provides you information about what kind of person you should not hire to your organization. Because new hires with wrong attitude are difficult to manage, time consuming for managers as they cannot spend their time focusing on more value-adding activities and they drive away your high performers.

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Determining the Attitudes that Best Fit Your Organization Culture