Question authoring

You can create multile-choice questions from very basic to highly complex.

Use of rich content and media

Both the question and the choices can include:

  • Formatted text
  • Image
  • Audio (along with an audio player)
  • Video (along with a video player)
  • Youtube video (video is embedded)
  • Mathematical expressions and formulas

You can restrict the number of choices that can be selected. You can set both a minimum and maximum limit.

Ordering and shuffling

You can arrange the order of the choices. Alternatively, the choices can automatically be shuffled (randomly ordered) for each test-taker. You can also fix the choices you want to keep their places fixed while the other choices get shuffled.


You can customize how choices are presented by selecting among different layout options such as Grid, Row, Dropdown etc.

  • Each choice can have its own weight.
  • You can set penalty for the incorrect choices so that when test-taker select those incorrect choices, the overall score decreases.
  • You can set a threshold. If the test-taker fails to get past the required threshold they will get 0 points.

Multiple choice questions can be put together to form a composite question where questions and a shared content is delivered together so that the questions can reference the content.