Examination Management Software Solution: SAAS Product Tour
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Online Exam Software: Quick Product Tour with Screen Shots

Test Invite, is a modern, end-to-end Online Examination Management Software Solution that delivers robust item banking & analytics, control over your entire testing process, and the ability to test securely when and where you want.
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image Roles & Teamwork image Question Bank image Add Tags to Your Questions image Map Questions to Learning Outcomes image Import Questions image Multiple Choice Question image Subjective Question with Text Input image Subjective Question with Media Recording image Question with File uploader image Question with Code Editor image Create Tests with Multiple Sections & Pages image Setup Timers, Navigation Restrictions & Auto Shuffling image Create Tests with Dynamic Content image Generate Tests Automatically image Edit Test Page image Preview Your Test image Run your Test in Practice Mode for Instant Feedback image Create Welcome Pages for your Tests image Setup Test's Avaibility Dates image Setup Test Security & Proctoring Options image Authentication with Invitation Codes image Authentication with Single Credential image Authentication with Username & Password image Import Multiple Tickets image Test Completion E-mail Notification image Automatized Assessment Funnel with Multiple Steps & Pre-conditions image Display the Test Result to the User image Access Test Results image Test Quick Summary image Test Summary Report with Comparison image Access Digital Exam Papers with Answers image Detailed Information about a Completed Test image Access Captured Photo & Video image Test Audit Logs image Re Setting Up an Exam image Question Analytics image Test Analytics
Add or import other user accounts into your organization. Assign roles for a teamwork. Add tags to classify users.
Bank your items and classify by using folders and tags
Add multiple tags to your questions to find theme back easily
Map questions to learning outcomes to have detailed test reports
Import questions with a ready-to-use Microsoft Excel template
Create multiple choice questions with images, audio, video and file attachments
Create open-ended questions with text input
Create subjective questions and let the user respond by recording webcam or microphone
Let the user respond by uploading a file
Let the user respond writing code
Create tests with multiple sections and pages
Set a time limit for a Test, Section or Page. Allow or disallow going forward-backward during the exam. Enable shuffling of sections, pages, questions and choices for each user taking the test.
Create tests with dynamic content. The test engine can select random pages & questions for each user taking a test
Generate tests automatically that randomly select questions from the question bank
Edit test pages & Add questions, content and media materials
Preview your tests and experience how the test will perform
You can enable the practice mode so that users who take your tests will have instant feedback on their answers
Create welcome pages for your tests.
Set availability dates & restrictions for your tests
Set proctoring (monitoring) method and enable full screen enforcement (locks down browser) for your tests. The system can take pictures or record webcam video during the examination. In lock down browser (full screen) mode, the user will not be able to open other apps, windows or tabs.
Allow users to access your tests via invitation codes
Allow users to access your tests via a single value like Student ID, Applicant ID, Employee ID etc.
Allow users to access your tests with username and password
Import multiple tickets & accesses for each candidate at once
Get notified by e-mail when a test is completed
Create an automatized assessment funnel with pre-conditions. Allow the user to continue if only he or she has a score above the given limit. The system will let only the users who got a score higher than the given score to continue with the next test.
Allow the user to access the test score after ending a test.
Access all test results in a single report
Have a quick summary of each completed test
Have a complete summary report of the test compared to others or a norm
Access all the answers given by each candidate.
Have all the details about each examination process
Access the photos & videos captured during the examination
Have detailed audit logs for each examination
If an exam is interrupted, allow the user to continue from where he/she is left
Have detailed analytics about each question. Find the questions that do not perform well
Have detailed analytics about each test.
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