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Question Types and Use of Question Bank

You can create 2 types of questions in Test Invite Exam Platform:

  • Multiple Choice Question: After asking question to the candidate choices are given among which selection can be made. How many will be able to be chosen from given choice is determined beforehand.
  • Open Ended Question: After asking question to the candidate how the candidate will answer the question is chosen: By writing, uploading a file, recording voice or recording video.

At Test Invite questions and exams can coexist independently. For example – without associating it with any exam - you can keep your questions with the help of folders and labels in the question bank. Afterwards you can use these questions in the exams you desire over and over again. In this regard the question bank allows you to prepare new exams and decrease your chance of making a mistake by choosing the questions you desire.

However, Test Invite does not stipulate you to save the questions to the question bank. You can create the questions you desire in an exam and not include it in a question bank. This way you do not cause a crowd in the question bank a question you will use only in one exam.

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Question Types and Use of Question Bank in Online Exam Software
How to use the question bank? Categorization of questions by folders and tags. Question types: Multpile choice questions - open ended questions
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