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Displaying of Questions in the Reports

In the exported exam reports, displaying questions as they are may not be productive

  • If question or choice contains image, audio, video or file; it may become unrecognizable when it is purified from the related media files.
  • If the question or choice is too long or has rich content, it may occupy too much space.

For these situations a “report name” (short name) can be given to the question. In the reports and exports the question will be displayed with their report name.

For example if the choice is a shape, a text (as a report name) can be entered representing this shape.

Lastly this feature can also be used for the purpose of integration with third party softwares. For instance, if a question has an ID in an external system. You can set this ID as a report name so that later on you can match questions in 2 different system.

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