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Multiple Choice Questions

When you create a multiple choice question with Test Invite Question Editor, you can ask the user to make one or many choices among a given list of choices.

Each option (choice) can contain

  • Rich text (bold, italic, colored...)
  • Image, audio, video or a file

How the options are positioned (side by side, one on top of the other, space in the middle etc.) can be arranged. If all choices is simple plain texts, the choices can be presented as dropdown box.

You can determine

  • The order of the choices (options)
  • How many of the options can be selected

Random Ordering: Shuffling the options

The choices can be randomly ordered for each examination. Some of the choices can be given fixed rank so that they are excluded from shuffling and stays always at their position.


  • By determining each choice whether it is right or wrong, you can allow for the automatic scoring of the answer that will be given.
  • You can add “penalty point” to the wrong options; in case wrong options are chosen you can allow the candidate to get negative points.
  • In the questions where more than one choice can be chosen, if more than one option is right, you can weight the options, according to the choice of the user you can allow for “partial” point. This way if the user chooses all the right options not only he/she will get complet points from the question, if he/she choosed part of the correct answers, he gets points according to the weight of the options.

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