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The Best Features of the Online Exam Platform

This content has been prepared to find out WHAT can be done by using the platform for the people who have not used Test Invite Exam Platform; therefore it does not contain information of the mentioned about HOW it will be done. Users of the exam platform can check the documentation to learn how each feature is applied.
We have summed up exam platform characteristics in six main groups. We have discussed what the exam platform can do by giving subsections in each group. If you can not find the characteristic you are looking for, or if there are questions that stick in your mind, you can contact us directly.
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Everything about question types and question bank
  • Multiple choice questions
  • Open ended questions
  • Use of audio, video, image and folder
  • Saving a question to the question bank
  • Importing and exporting questions
arrow_forward_ios QUESTIONS & QUESTION BANK
What kind of exams can you prepare?
  • Sections, pages
  • Time limits
  • Ordering
  • Scoring
  • Making use of the question bank
  • Picking random questions
arrow_forward_ios CREATING EXAMS
Management of the examination process
  • Date and time limitations
  • Access permissions, authentication, authorization
  • Access methods
  • Exam Integrity, safety, security
  • Exam attendance fees
  • Web cam recording & Proctoring
  • Management of user accounts
  • Invitations and e-mail communication
  • Simultaneous Examination
  • Live monitoring & Proctoring
  • Consequitive exams
arrow_forward_ios GIVING EXAMS
Everything regarding exam results
  • Reports, automatic grading
  • Section & page results
  • Video Recordings & Photos
  • Gathering of user information
arrow_forward_ios EXAM RESULTS & REPORTS
Exam software system infrastructure
  • Multiple languages - internationalization (i18n)
  • Automatic scaling - simultaneous examination
  • Cihaz ve mobil uyumluluğu
  • Device and mobile adaptability
  • 3rd party integration & APIs
Ready-to-use contents
  • Professional exams
  • Question libraries
  • Business partnerships
    • Exam developers
    • Question developers
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