Online Exam Questions: Weighted Custom Score/Point/Dimension
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Questions Scores

Every question has its own default score. When a question is added to the exam, it is included with its default score but the score of the question can be updated (differentiated) within each exam. The answer to the question is multiplied by the question score according to the success rate and affects the exam score.

Partial Score

According to the candidate’s answer (if he/she did not give a complete correct answer), the candidate may earn partial score from the question. In multiple-choice questions, the options can be weighted and the success rate of the question according to the chosen option or options may affect the exam result by being multiplied by the score of the question.

For example, in a 5-option question, if two options are correct, both options can be assigned a 50% success rate. If the user selects two correct options out of five options, he/she gets full score from the question.

Negative Score

When the question is answered incorrectly, it can be made to have a negative effect (negative penalty point) on the exam score. For this, the default ‘negative’ score of the questions can be determined.

Section and Page Scores

A question affects the score calculations for the sections and pages in the exam. Therefore, if there is a score of a question in the exam, it affects the exam score as well as the section score and the page score to the same extent.

Other Dimension Calculations

A question may affect an independent dimension score apart from the exam, section and page scores. The questions, which are found on different sections and pages of the exam but are similar in some ways, can be grouped separately under a dimension score.

As well as questions on different sections and pages affecting one dimension score, one question can also affect many dimension scores. For example, if a question measures both General Knowledge and Geography knowledge, both the General Knowledge Success Score and the Geography Success Score can be automatically influenced according to the answer of the question.

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Online Exam Questions: Weighted Custom Score/Point/Dimension
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