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Management of Questions with Question Bank

Test Invite Exam System includes a question bank where you can centrally store, update, and collectively export & import your questions. You can divide your questions into different folders, group them with labels and collect them under different categories in the question bank.

Each question in the question bank may have a folder and many labels. As the labels consist of label name and label value, you can give different label values to different questions for the same label name. For example, you can give a question a “difficulty” label value of 1 and another question a “difficulty” label value of 2. In this case, both questions have a “difficulty” label but the label values are different. This will allow you to say “find questions with a difficulty label value of 1”.

Labels allow you to systematically group your questions and quickly query (find) them whenever you need.

You can use the questions in question bank repeatedly in the exams of your choice. The Exam Editor allows you to quickly access your question bank and select the questions you want to add to anywhere in the exam. In this sense, the use of question bank allows you to prepare quick exams while reducing your possibility of making mistakes.

“Random Question Selection” in the Exams

Another feature of the question bank is that it provides the infrastructure for selecting “random” questions in the exams.

You can randomly select 10 out of 100 questions from the question bank. In this way, only 10 questions in a pool of 100 questions can be asked to each candidate.

Creating an Automatic Exam from Question Bank

You can randomly select 50 questions out of 200 questions you choose from the question bank and then create an automatic exam with 10 questions on each page.

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