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Preparing Multiple Choice Question

You can create multiple-choice questions through Test Invite Question Editor and allow the user to choose from the options.

  • You can also use the rich text (formatted: bold, italic, etc.) in the options, as in the question text.
  • You can add files such as pictures, audio and video to the options.
  • You can specify how the options are positioned on the screen (side-by-side, top and bottom, etc.
  • If all the options are text, you can present the options in the dropdown box.
  • You can specify how many options the user can select at least and at most.
  • You can specify an order for the options.

Randomization of Options

You can use randomization feature to display options in different order for users in each exam. You can also exempt some of the options from randomization by fixing their positions. In this way, the first and last options (let us say 5-choices question) remain in the same positions and other three options are mixed automatically.

With this feature, while you fix the order of options such as ‘‘All’’ and ‘‘None’’, other options may be sorted randomly each time.

Scoring Options

  • You can make available to score the answers automatically by predetermining the correct options and wrong options.
  • You can add ‘‘penalty points’’ to the wrong options and you can make the candidate to receive negative points when selecting wrong options.
  • For questions in which multiple options may be selected, when there is more than one correct option, you can weight the options and allow the user to get a partial score based on his/her choices. In this way, if the user selects all the correct options then he/she will get a full score and if the user selects some of the correct options then he/she will get a partial score based on the weight of the options.
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