Online Exam Creator Software with Question Bank
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Questions and Question Bank in Online Exams

You can create two types of question in Test Invite Exam System.

  • Multiple Choice Questions: After the question is asked, multiple options are given to the candidate to make a choice. Number of the given options to be selected is predetermined.
  • Open Ended Questions: After the question is asked to the candidate, it is selected how the candidate answers the questions: by writing, uploading a file, recording his/her sound or image.

Storing Questions in the Question Bank

The questions and exams at Test Invite may exist independently from each other. For example, you can keep your questions by grouping them with folders and labels in question bank -without associating them with any exam-. You can then use these questions repeatedly in any exam. In this context, the question bank quickly allows you to prepare new exams by selecting the questions you want and reduce your chance of making mistakes.

Creating the Questions in the Exam

Test invite does not require you to register the questions in the question bank. You can create the questions you want in an exam without including in the question bank. In this way, you will not let a question that you will only use in one exam to overcrowd the question bank.

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Online Exam Creator Software with Question Bank
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