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Asking Open Ended Questions That the User Answers by Writing

In the exam, you can ask questions to the user in the way you want and make the user answer by writing.

  1. You can give the user a simple box to write an answer.
  2. You can give the user a large text area to write an answer.
  3. You can give the user a rich text editor to write an answer. The user can create a formatted (formatted: large-small text, italic, bold, color text, etc.) rich text entry with the rich text editor.

Restriction of an Answer Text with Regular Expression

Texts that the user may write as an answer may be restricted with regular expression. For example, if you expect from the user to type only a number, you can write a regular expression that covers only the numbers so that the user can type only numbers. Similarly, you can obligate the user to type

  • A 10-letter word starting with B
  • Any text less than 60 characters
  • A valid postal code
  • A valid e-mail address

in the answer text by using a regular expression.

Manual Evaluation of an Answer and Adding it to the Exam Score

The answers given by the user during the exam are shown on the administrator’s screens to be evaluated at the end of the exam. The answer given to the question is evaluated on the scale of hundred by the administrator and the evaluation is recorded. In this way, the user’s answer is automatically included in the exam scoring.

Automatic Evaluation of an Answer with Regular Expression

Normally, answers given by writing are evaluated by the administrator. However, you can automate the evaluation process if the answer you expect from the user can be predetermined by a regular expression. For example, if the user writes

  • A 5-letter word starting with B
  • A number between 599 and 700
  • One of the words of CEM, CAN, CİN

then, you can make the user get a full score (or a partial score).

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How to Create Online Writing Exam: Open Ended Questions