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Text Invite Exam Platform allows you to take the exams in a process that you can customize according to different scenarios and needs.

Process management of taking exams consists of four main groups of procedures.

  1. ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS: Who can take the exam and when? Will there be a participation fee for the exam? How will these people be accepted to the exam?
  2. STAGES and SAFETY: How many stages will the exam process consist of? What will be the start and end times (hours) of each stage? Which of the security methods such as full screen obligation (screen locking) video recording, photo shooting will be applied in exams? How many times can participants take each exam? Which conditions will allow participants to continue the exam?
  3. INVITATIONS: Who will receive exam invitation emails? Which participant information / exam access information will be included in the email content?
  4. FOLLOW-UP: Live follow-up of the participants during the exam. Who is in which section and page, how many questions are answered, watching live of web camera image.
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